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Bride and Groom at Sunset

Making Your Memories Last

Planning your big day?

Each event video is a unique and special memory that takes exquisite talent and passion to be recorded and expressed in the most beautiful way. So fascinated by the feeling of creativity, I pursued the most appropriate way to narrate the happiest moments of fellow human beings. It's the beauty of keeping a joyful moment alive in the best way, of showing the greatest joy coming from every sentimental detail, of revealing people more reasons to rejoice than those they have noticed themselves, of suggesting every reason to be happy for their own unique special day.

The result just goes to show that to be wedding videographer is not a simple task. You don’t only need technical expertise but also artistic prowess, you need good tools and monitoring of technology, experience in aerial and underwater footage, a team to support you in it and its training. To be well organized for every coverage and development of events, to be in the right place at the right time, to capture the most special moments, to have a variety of shots and a large analysis of moments that are required for the best result. The greatest reward is in the end of the day when you see the gratitude of the people who have chosen you to create this work, when you see the satisfaction and joy in their faces, when you hear how much they loved what you created for them with so much effort. What for every moment you experienced it many times to show its best, what many times you reached the end of the composition but came back to the beginning, what was finally worth it.

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Bride and Groom on Beach


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